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"The Power of Community - Why Connecting with Other Digital Artists Matters"

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When I embarked on my journey as a digital artist a year and a half ago, I didn’t have a clue where to start… this is the point where the power of a community was born.

It happened right at the very beginning.

First things first, I joined a few facebook groups, number one being Procreate for Beginners founded by the incredible Cristin April Frey…

This group gave me the foundation for everything else.

I started asking questions and I didn’t just get one word answers, I got help in the form of links, videos, pictures and anything I wanted and needed.

From there I started looking for courses to do and stumbled upon a course by Simon Foster called Procreate Solid Foundations on the Udemy platform.

The 18 hr course seemed impossible for me, I genuinely didn't comprehend any of the words he was saying. I mean seriously, what are Layers, Masks, Blend modes to name a but a few words I had never heard of?

How does one know the difference?

I was frustrated and I reached out to Simon who painstakingly took the time to answer all my emails and my “beginner” questions.

From there I met someone in my old colouring community that was using digital art to colour her images, we got chatting and formed a friendship that we still have today. Together we worked out things we did not know.

I have always been a part of a community, I have friends that I met in the colouring world 10 years ago, we chat, if not every day, but at least once a week. We have met in different parts of the world over the years and to this day enjoy an invaluable friendship.

The incredible power that influential individuals and a community possess is remarkable.

My digital journey could not be what it is today without the help I have received from so many amazing people.

Working digitally or actually being an artist of any kind means you are usually alone with your thoughts, alone with your art and zoning out to the world.

However, there are inevitably those challenging days when you may not know how to approach a task or require another person's perspective on your artwork. This is when the strength of the community proves invaluable.

Whenever necessary, I can easily connect with the virtual friends within my community and seek their advice.

Prior to proceeding, I must clarify that I am not associated with any of the links I am going to share, nor am I sponsored by any of them. I am simply highlighting those that have played a crucial role in my journey.

It is important to note that many individuals have generously shared their knowledge with me, and I may have unintentionally omitted some of them.

Continuing on, I have compiled a list of essential links and my preferred sources of inspiration, which encompasses the people who have been so incredibly helpful.

So here goes:

Final words:

I couldn't have gone this far without the help from these amazing people that are willing to share the years of knowledge. A huge thank you.....

Don't be afraid to reach out, you will be suprised!!

Finally as always:


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