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Welcome to robzartworx

Where art goes beyond walls!

robzartworx is your one-stop shop for unique original artworks and one-of-a-kind art on fabric, handmade with love in Cape Town, South Africa. Robz, the creative mind behind robzartworx, transforms everyday textiles into stunning works of art. From bespoke tablecloths that elevate your dining experience to one-of-a-kind bags, cushions, and towels, robzartworx offers a variety of pieces to add a touch of personality to your home. Whether you're searching for the perfect conversation starter or a special gift, robzartworx has something for everyone.

Original Artwork

Robz Lipner - Owner of Robzartworx

my ultimate happy place

Welcome To My Studio

robzartworx studio is located in the picturesque city of Cape Town. Nestled within a serene golf estate that offers views of the peaceful Table Mountain and the expansive Atlantic Sea. This is my haven, where I am able to escape, discover life's essence and find art inspiration. My art studio is the place where beautiful art comes to life. In this space I reside alongside my husband and soul mate of 30 years, sharing my days with my two magnificent Maine Coon cats, Cosmo and Kikoh.

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Made with Love - Robzartworx label
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