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Finding a style - Do we have to?

I don’t know if I’m qualified to write this but maybe that's exactly the point. When does one feel qualified to write something like this.

Is it when you have found your art style? Or when you are finding out what art style it is that you are good at? Or is it finding an art style that you enjoy? Are these all the same things?

I don’t know the answers to those burning questions but I know that I have many different “styles”. But everything I create has my unique style in some way.

Salvidor Dali "styles":

Picasso "styles":

I enjoy exploring different genres, as repeating the same themes becomes monotonous. The last thing any artist wants is to feel bored. Staying inspired is challenging enough without limiting oneself to a single genre.

Therefore, I try different styles—perhaps one morning I wake up and feel like creating a simple watercolour flower, or maybe I want to fill an entire canvas with textures and colours.

The beauty of Digital art is that anything is possible, allowing for easy experimentation without the need to buy expensive materials. Everything you need is right there, waiting for you to use and explore.

Someone once told me: It’s not important what you do, and how you find your style, rather it's about how much you enjoy doing what you do. Your signature style will come through on all of it.

The most important rule in art is to enjoy what you create, the minute you stop feeling your creation is the moment your style will differ. When you pour your soul onto your canvas, your style will naturally shine through.

robzartworx "styles":

It’s not about your audience because you are your audience, after all if you don’t love what you have created how do you expect anyone else to love it, and why would you?

Creating art for a living walks a fine line between doing what you love and loving what you do. So instead of starting a piece with the question, "Will this sell?", focus on the passion behind your creation. Art driven by the desire to sell often loses its authenticity, coming across as a product rather than a heartfelt expression. Embrace your love for the craft, and let that be the foundation of your work.

Reflect on your body of work, and you’ll notice recurring elements—perhaps the colours you favour, the unique brushstrokes you employ, or the sketch lines you intentionally leave visible. These elements collectively form your signature style. More importantly, they infuse your art with your soul. This is the essence of finding your unique voice in the world of art.

Last words "YOU GOT THIS"!!

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